Infrared Sauna Rooms

Through the built-in infra panels, the Tylo Infrared Sauna provides soothing long-wave heat. The infrared heat gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being, and is the same kind of heat that the sun provides us with. The infrared heat itself is generated by Tylo’s Carbon Infrared Heating Technology heating panels. Due to the huge surface area of these heating panels the heat is evenly distributed, providing a comfortable surface temperature to the bathers. These heating panels contain well-proven techniques which provide both reliability and safety.

Each Tylo Infrared Sauna is equipped with a relaxing color light therapy, which you can easily control vis the built-in control panel.  Select the light to suit your mood for the moment, or let the lights alternate between different colors. Color light therapy is recognized around the world for promoting health and balance.

All infrared rooms include: color light therapy, internal and external halogen lights, and sound system.

The IG-LH series of infrared saunas are very easy to assemble.  You can leave your tools behind since the panels have self-locking metals fasteners on the walls and ceiling.  Operating on 120v power, the saunas can be plugged in upon completion of assembly.