Quality & the Environment

When you choose a product from Tylo, high quality comes as standard. Our commitment to quality is reflected in all aspects of our operations, from design and product development to the choice of materials, manufacturing processes, service and support.

Quality is also evident in our commitment to the environment. Clean water as a source of health and pleasure forms the basis for all our shower products, for instance. That's why we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Our manufacturing processes are completely clean. There are no harmful emissions from any stage of the production process. The timber we use comes from responsibly managed forests in Scandinavia, the Baltic states and North America. None of our timber is taken from the world's precious rain forests. All plastic components are manufactured from environmentally certified raw materials. And last but not least, we make optimum use of the resources we consume. Timber waste is used for heating, plastic waste is ground into granules and every scrap of metal is recycled. Concern for the environment is more than just a priority with Tylo. It is yet another opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality, and the quality of life, today and tomorrow.