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Tylo is a well-established manufacturer with considerable world wide market share.

Our highly successful concept is built on offering products of high quality which promote relaxation, enjoyment and the pleasure of bathing. Our products are exported to more than 90 countries.

The Tylo factory is located in a modern industrial area close to the center of Halmstad, Sweden. 

The company has enjoyed an AAA credit rating (Dun & Bradstreet) for many years and all investments in land, buildings and machinery have been financed with internal resources.

Our founder was an electrician by trade, specializing in the repair of small electrical appliances. In 1951, he accepted a local businessman's challenge to build a cheaper but better sauna than what was available at the time – and set the stage for the Tylo we know today. 

Since then, Tylo has continued to make innovations on the heating element that started it all. 

The Tylo Research & Development center is devoted to constantly developing and perfecting the products which have already set the benchmark for quality in this industry.

All sauna heaters, steam generators and other electric and electronic components are tested, checked and inspected throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Steam rooms and all plastic components are vacuum-formed under rigorously controlled conditions. And Tylo's state-of-the-art factory is a guarantee for ensuring that both products and production methods meet even the most stringent of environmental criteria.

Quality & Enviroment
When you choose a product from Tylo, high quality comes as standard. Our quality-mindedness is reflected in all aspects of our operations, from design and product development to the choice of materials, manufacturing processes, service and support.

For a Tylo US brochure, click here.